If you are already using deal.II: Our institutes are evaluated at regular intervals. Consequently, we need to document the use of the programs and libraries we create. If you have written publications (including Diploma, Masters or PhD theses) with the help of deal.II that are not already listed here, please let us know about it by sending an email with the reference to Wolfgang Bangerth or any of the other authors of deal.II.


Current release: 9.1.1


dealii-9.1.1.tar.gz: mirror, github
(PGP signature file: mirror, github)
May 21, 2019. 19MB.

sha1: 58ae55a3cb70c8a36f74cb0c737a0d29b281eb94

See README for installation instructions or open doc/readme.html after unpacking.

Offline documentation

dealii-9.1.1-offline_documentation.tar.gz: mirror, github
(PGP signature file: mirror, github)
May 21, 2019. 211MB.

sha1: bba9a2527f865f879932b4c20dbf91f341cb4084

Previous versions

Older deal.II releases can be found on the Github release page, or on the mirror.

Development sources

To stay in sync with the most recent development version, have a look at our git repository hosted on github. This provides the latest features (as well as the latest bugs.) You can clone the repository directly on the command line via

  git clone https://github.com/dealii/dealii.git

To see what is going on, explore the changelog on github.

Contributing to the deal.II development is easy and is best done by forking the deal.II repository. To do this, create an account on github and then, when you're logged in, click on the "Fork" button at the top right of the deal.II github page. There are good tutorials on how to contribute to projects at github's front page. An introduction to how git works can be found here or here.

Installers and Packages

deal.II can be installed and used in various ways:

Mac OS package

dealii-9.0.0.dmg: mirror, github
(PGP signature file: mirror, github)
May 11, 2018. 596MB.

sha1: acde504587d7968a181174e21d3727e72a179def

Mac OSX Instructions

Virtual Machine Image

An image for virtualbox gives you a complete environment to try out deal.II and works on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows:
More information

Dockerized installation

Several docker images with full installations of deal.II and (almost) all its dependencies are available on Docker HUB. These images are guaranteed to work identically on Mac OS, Linux, Windows, on Travis CI, and on gitlab CI. See, for example, the Wiki page on Docker-Images to use these images in your own application with Travis CI and gitlab CI.

Source-based Installers

candi is a source based installer for deal.II for various Linux systems that can configure and compile many dependencies for deal.II with minimal effort.

deal.II is also distributed in Spack, a package manager for supercomputers, Linux and Mac OS. With Spack you can build packages with multiple versions, configurations, platforms, and compilers. See the deal.II Spack Wiki page for details.


deal.II is packaged in the Gentoo Science Overlay. The package is called sci-libs/dealii.


deal.II is available in Debian (stretch or newer). The package is called libdeal.ii. Install the development package libdeal.ii-dev.


deal.II is available in Ubuntu 16.10 and newer. The package is called libdeal.ii. Install the development package libdeal.ii-dev.

Arch Linux

deal.II is available in the AUR: the snapshot file is available for download here.

External packages

deal.II can utilize the functionality of quite a number of other packages. Their use is documented in the ReadMe file. The following links should allow you to download these packages: PETSc, SLEPc, Trilinos, METIS, NetCDF, MUMPS, BLACS, SCALAPACK, p4est.

In addition, deal.II can use BLAS and LAPACK. These packages are typically provided either generically by the operating system installation, or by the hardware vendor for a particular processor.