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last changeSun, 20 Jul 2014 19:24:26 +0000 (19:24 +0000)
2014-07-20 bangerthIn string_to_int, strip spaces at the front and back... trunk
2014-07-19 bangerthDetect errors in Utilities::string_to_int.
2014-07-19 bangerthDetect errors in Utilities::string_to_int.
2014-07-19 maierCMake: Do not export -Wl,--as-needed to the user config
2014-07-18 bangerthRemove another unused function.
2014-07-18 bangerthRemove functions that are not needed (and didn't do...
2014-07-18 heltaiAdded template to function, and made GridOut::write...
2014-07-17 kronbichlerCompute unit face support points of FE_TraceQ
2014-07-17 heistersome tests had rather large output. oops.
2014-07-17 heisterfix last commit
2014-07-17 heistertestsuite: also log the two filenames in diff in one...
2014-07-17 kanschatadjust test output
2014-07-17 heltaiFixed another call to KSPSetOperators
2014-07-17 maierCMake: Bugfix: Generate options for test subprojects...
2014-07-16 maierCMake: The obligatory bugfix...
2014-07-16 maierCMake: Port to version 3.0.0, part 3.
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5 years ago branch_lapack_solver
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6 years ago Branch-8-0

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