2014-07-20 bangerthIn string_to_int, strip spaces at the front and back... trunk
2014-07-19 bangerthDetect errors in Utilities::string_to_int.
2014-07-19 bangerthDetect errors in Utilities::string_to_int.
2014-07-19 maierCMake: Do not export -Wl,--as-needed to the user config
2014-07-18 bangerthRemove another unused function.
2014-07-18 bangerthRemove functions that are not needed (and didn't do...
2014-07-18 heltaiAdded template to function, and made GridOut::write...
2014-07-17 kronbichlerCompute unit face support points of FE_TraceQ
2014-07-17 heistersome tests had rather large output. oops.
2014-07-17 heisterfix last commit
2014-07-17 heistertestsuite: also log the two filenames in diff in one...
2014-07-17 kanschatadjust test output
2014-07-17 heltaiFixed another call to KSPSetOperators
2014-07-17 maierCMake: Bugfix: Generate options for test subprojects...
2014-07-16 maierCMake: The obligatory bugfix...
2014-07-16 maierCMake: Port to version 3.0.0, part 3.
2014-07-16 maierCMake: Port to version 3.0.0, part 2.
2014-07-16 bangerthAdd a forgotten entry.
2014-07-15 bangerthUpdate it a bit.
2014-07-15 turcksinImprove documentation of step-52.
2014-07-15 bangerthAddress issue #228 (
2014-07-15 bangerthCopy Luca's example from tests/manifold/
2014-07-14 bangerthDo not write copies of the output to /tmp.
2014-07-14 bangerthReindent files according to our usual style.
2014-07-14 bangerthTests for the previous commit.
2014-07-14 bangerthAlso provide GridOut::write_vtu().
2014-07-14 bangerthTests for the previous commit.
2014-07-14 bangerthProvide a function GridOut::write_vtk().
2014-07-14 bangerthClarify a piece of documentation that was pretty much...
2014-07-14 bangerthThe GridOut::Svg class does not implement functions...
2014-07-14 heltaiAdded set_manifold with two arguments.
2014-07-14 bangerthAdjust type.
2014-07-14 bangerthStart a new tutorial on geometry.
2014-07-14 bangerthMove entry to the right place.
2014-07-14 heltaiFixed memory consumption test in realease mode.
2014-07-14 kronbichlerFix bug
2014-07-14 heltaiIntegrated branch manifold_id_intermediated into trunk.
2014-07-14 heltaiMerged from trunk. branch_manifold_id_intermediate
2014-07-14 heltaiFixed failing tests due to manifold id being an int.
2014-07-13 heltaiFixed get_boundary/manifold_ids. Removed all references...
2014-07-13 heltaiMerged from trunk.
2014-07-13 bangerthFix some fallout from changing the size of manifold_id.
2014-07-13 bangerthArg...
2014-07-13 bangerthMake it compile.
2014-07-13 bangerthMore documentation updates.
2014-07-13 bangerthEnlarge manifold_id to unsigned int, as discussed on...
2014-07-13 bangerthLeave a note.
2014-07-13 bangerthMinor comment updates.
2014-07-13 bangerthIndent something.
2014-07-13 bangerthReshuffle items to have them sorted in alphabetical...
2014-07-12 heisterupdate readme.html to refer to muparser
2014-07-12 bangerthAdd test for previous commit.
2014-07-12 bangerthWork around a bug in PETSc whereby PETSc does not zero...
2014-07-11 bangerthProvide more links to video lectures.
2014-07-11 bangerthAnnotate some of the programs with links to the video...
2014-07-11 turcksinFix a bug when using 64bit indices.
2014-07-11 bangerthGo through the rest of the introduction, the results...
2014-07-11 bangerthRemove a file we have not needed for a long time.
2014-07-11 bangerthGroup functions for more readable documentation.
2014-07-11 bangerthUpdate documentation in a couple of places. Remove...
2014-07-10 maierReindent script files
2014-07-09 bangerthMinor edits.
2014-07-09 bangerth"geometrical" does not exist as a word :-)
2014-07-09 bangerthMinor edits.
2014-07-09 bangerthMinor edits.
2014-07-09 kronbichlerMake sure to generate all necessary symbols
2014-07-09 bangerthAugment documentation.
2014-07-09 bangerthReindent.
2014-07-09 bangerthAdd notes for MUMPS.
2014-07-09 bangerthDocument how to compile Trilinos with direct solvers.
2014-07-09 bangerthDocument how to compile Trilinos with direct solvers.
2014-07-09 kronbichlerExtend comment of direct solver class
2014-07-09 kronbichlerUse alias to refer to multithreaded methods.
2014-07-09 kronbichlerTry to avoid differences in roundoff by using weaker...
2014-07-09 kronbichlerPatch by Uwe Koecher: select among Trilinos solvers
2014-07-08 kronbichlerDocument which basic linear algebra functions are curre...
2014-07-07 bangerthMove the publications site to the top-level of dealii...
2014-07-07 bangerthFix markup.
2014-07-07 bangerthAdd one.
2014-07-07 kronbichlerUpdate comment
2014-07-05 fahad.alrashedFixed a couple of call changes for PETSc 3.5.0
2014-07-04 kanschatwrite a debug file with the first residual even if...
2014-07-04 kronbichlerImplement some new Trilinos preconditioner. Tests.
2014-07-04 bangerthProvide missing instantiations.
2014-07-03 bangerthAdd two.
2014-07-02 bangerthUpdate output.
2014-07-01 bangerthFix markup.
2014-06-30 daniel.arndtFixed GridGenerator::merge_triangulations, Issue 197
2014-06-30 kronbichlerFix test
2014-06-30 kronbichlerAvoid Epetra_MultiVector with 0 vectors
2014-06-30 bangerthFix markup.
2014-06-30 bangerthAdd another testcase that currently fails, see issue...
2014-06-30 kronbichlerCommit bug in Trilinos precondition
2014-06-29 heltaiFixed some comments for boundary ids and manifold ids.
2014-06-28 heltaiFixed serialization issue with manifold ids.
2014-06-28 heltaiMerged from trunk.
2014-06-28 heltaiFixed hp/solution_transfer_05 output to be valid with...
2014-06-27 kronbichlerSimplify FEEvaluation routines considerably by merging...
2014-06-27 heltaiFixed a couple of tests. Still in trouble with serializ...
2014-06-27 heltaiMerged From trunk.

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