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last changeTue, 28 Jan 2020 19:35:06 +0000 (20:35 +0100)
2020-01-28 Uwe KöcherMerge pull request #134 from tjhei/test_petsc_on_osx master
2020-01-28 Timo Heisteradd github action to include petsc on OSX 134/head
2020-01-10 Uwe KöcherMerge pull request #132 from tjhei/tjhei-osx-ci
2020-01-09 Timo Heisteruse github actions for CI 132/head
2020-01-09 Uwe KöcherMerge pull request #131 from tjhei/osx-support
2019-12-29 Timo HeisterOSX 10.14 and 10.15 support 131/head
2019-12-24 Uwe KöcherMerge pull request #128 from tjhei/osx-update
2019-12-24 Uwe KöcherMerge pull request #92 from tjhei/update_trilinos_12_12
2019-12-24 Uwe KöcherMerge pull request #129 from tjhei/openblas_update
2019-12-23 Timo Heisterdisable tpetra is using MKL 92/head
2019-12-23 Timo Heisterupdate openblas to 0.3.7 129/head
2019-12-23 Timo Heisterupdate OSX documentation 128/head
2019-12-20 Timo Heisterupdate trilinos version
2019-12-20 Timo Heisterdisable ifpack2 to make it compile
2019-12-20 Timo Heisterupdate to 12.14.1
2019-12-20 Timo Heisterfix inst
3 months ago v9.1.1-r2 tag v9.1.1-r2
10 months ago v9.1.1-r1 tag v9.1.1-r1
10 months ago v9.1.0-r1 tag v9.1.0-r1
10 months ago v9.1.0-rc1 tag v9.1.0-rc1
11 months ago v9.0.1-r6 tag v9.0.1-r6
14 months ago v9.0.1-r5 tag v9.0.1-r5
16 months ago v9.0.1-r4 tag v9.0.1-r4
16 months ago v9.0.1-r3 tag v9.0.1-r3
16 months ago v9.0.1-r2 tag v9.0.1-r2
16 months ago v9.0.1-r1 tag v9.0.1-r1
16 months ago v8.5.1-r1 tag v8.5.1-r1
17 months ago v9.0.1
17 months ago v9.0.0
22 months ago v8.5.1
2 years ago v0.8.5
4 years ago v0.8.4
2 months ago master
2 months ago dealii-9.1
3 months ago dealii-8.5
3 months ago dealii-9.0
3 years ago experimental
4 years ago deal.II-v8.2.0

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

Douglas Adams

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